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About us
Hi! We are Israeli cheffy chef Uri Triest and sad German blogger Sophia Giesecke. We are sad but perfect. Some might say perfectly sad. We live and cry in Berlin, Germany. We met in 2015 when Uri was trying to poison Sophia with the saltiest dishes she had ever tasted. Still, somehow she survived and even gave his restaurant (rip) a good review on her food blog (rip). We instantly became good friends (Sophia: “best friends!”). Our relationship revolves solely around food and mental health or lack thereof.

About Shemesh
Shemesh means ‘sun’ in Hebrew, both missing in Berlin and the main ingredient in good food. And it sounds pretty. 

We always wanted to start our own project, we even started a couple of times and created some recipes together, but things got in the way. One day Uri said to Sophia: Let’s start a blog! So we started a blog.

Sophia – sad, depressed, and on sick leave – had nothing better to do, so they started cooking and filming. Without any experience, special equipment, or a strategy, we started uploading videos and pictures on Instagram and Tiktok.

About our food
We focus on vegetables and sometimes on fish. Most of our recipes are vegetarian or even vegan. Our recipes are creative, extraordinary, never dull, quite healthy but no healthy food, primarily Mediterranean and Middle Eastern, but are also inspired by many other cuisines and ingredients. Before each shoot, we brainstorm together and decide on three dishes we want to cook that day. We then go grocery shopping and get distracted by entirely different ingredients at the supermarket. When we get home, we see even more things we want to include in the recipes. So we change everything a third time, then cook, switch the recipe twice during the cooking process, and hope for the best.

We encourage you to be flexible and stress-free in the kitchen. You don’t necessarily have to have all the ingredients listed on hand, but simply follow the general idea of the recipe. And, of course, you can always slide into our DMs on Instagram if you have any questions.

Love letters and work inquires hi@shemeshkitchen.com

Unfortunately, we can’t offer catering at the moment. Here’s what we can do: recipe development on our channels or brand channels, food styling, food photography, pop-up restaurants and events. Product testing and recommendations.