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Kale Salad With Blue Cheese And Quince Shemesh Kitchen
Salad, Sides, Veggie

Kale Salad With Blue Cheese And Quince

Cooks in 30 minutes Difficulty Easy

Being a food blogger is all about setting the next trend – or chasing the current one. Food trends are fun but can also be a bit exhausting. And where’s the fun in seeing the same recipe over and over […]

bagna cauda with porcini mushrooms recipe shemesh kitchen
Fish, Sides

Bagna Cauda With Porcini Mushrooms

Cooks in 40 minutes Difficulty Easy

Bagna cauda, or “hot dip,” is a dish originating from Piemont, Italy. It consists of a garlic and anchovy sauce, served in the fojòt, a small pot heated with a candle. Raw and cooked vegetables are then dipped in the […]

Panisse with Aioli and Artichoke Salad
Sides, Veggie

Panisse with Aioli and Artichoke Salad

Cooks in 1.5 hours Difficulty Medium

We often say we need a vacation because it’s been a while, and we need a break and some culinary inspiration. Because when we do go on vacation, the first criterion is food.  Nearly a year ago, in such a […]

Mulled wine cake with brown butter frosting - Shemesh Kitchen

Mulled Wine Cake

Cooks in 2 hours Difficulty Medium

While everybody and their mother is in a full-on pumpkin mood, we’re one step ahead and already thinking about Christmas because Christmas is less than half a year away. Fall? Halloween? We don’t know her. Mulled wine, or Glühwein over […]

Saganaki Tarte Tatin With Eggplants
Main, Veggie

Eggplant Tarte Tatin With Feta

Cooks in 1 hour Difficulty Medium

Sometimes wishes do come true! Sophia repeatedly ‘implied’ she’d like to make saganaki, or something with filo, or feta, and also, maybe Tarte Tatin. And while we’re it, we could also make some eggplant because why don’t we cook eggplant […]

Easy Chicory And Apple Salad With Trout Roe Shemesh Kitchen
Fish, Quick and Easy, Salad

Easy Chicory Salad With Apples And Trout Roe

Cooks in 15 minutes Difficulty Easy

We’re starting a new series (or maybe not, only time will tell if we’ll have enough perseverance to continue a series). We like unnecessarily complicated recipes because we like getting extra creative in the kitchen. But sometimes simple is best. […]