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Vegan Stuffed Sweet Potato With Chickpea Salad
Brunch, Main, Vegan

Vegan Stuffed Sweet Potato With Chickpea Salad

Cooks in 1 hour Difficulty Medium

This stuffed sweet potato with chickpeas recipe is for all the broke students, the lazy cooks, the zero-waste lovers, and busy families.For the past 10 years, Uri has been working in fine dining establishments. But he always dreamed of serving […]

Asparagus With Goat Cheese
Brunch, Sides, Veggie

Asparagus With Goat Cheese

Cooks in 45 minutes Difficulty Medium

Asparagus season is a huge deal in Germany. Here ‘Asparagus’ refers to white asparagus, whereas green asparagus is, shockingly, ‘green asparagus.’ But we love all colors and are prompt to use both as much as possible. We are enjoying their not-so-subtle differences together as […]

Not Shakshuka
Brunch, Fish, Main

Shakshuka With Fresh Tomatoes and Fennel

Cooks in 30 minutes Difficulty Easy

Shakshuka is taking over the world, and we completely messed with it!This highly controversial perfection of an egg dish is originating from Tunisia (Or Morocco? Libya? Turkey?!). Traditionally consisting of tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, chili, topped with egg gently poached […]